Patented: The Only Resistive Tongs


For Hand Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists

The only Resistive Tongs to strengthen finger and hand muscles while patients pick up objects.  Includes multiple strength Non-Allergen Latex Free Bands


Small Motor Skills

Build Functional small motor skills by picking up small objects like Agility Beads


Radial Neuropathy

Approximately half a million people in the USA suffer with the inability to open their hands.  When Used with the included Stainless Steel Springs, the Therapy Tongs can be used around the kitchen and will assist these people to use a kitchen tool for every day living.  The Therapy Tongs are High Heat Resistant and Dishwasher Safe


For People Suffering with Osteoarthritis (Arthritis at the base of the thumb)

Early users, who are Certified Hand Therapists, have claimed the Therapy Tongs are be the best tool for exercising people with Osteoarthritis, the number one arthritis suffered by women.  They claim it is the only tool to keep the thumb in the proper position during treatment


Agility Beads

Barrett Productions, LLC designed the Therapy Tongs so as to use with the Agility Beads for Small Motor skills

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